Scarf - blue maze

Lii Puolakainen
Scarfs and shawls
Needles 3,5 mm Yarn: Novita Wool, 50g = 135m colour 365 need 240 gramms Start with 84 stitches Chart A: Knit forth and back. Purl even rows. Width: repeat the center part of rows 5-43 7 times Height: repeat rows 5-43 nine times and then rows 5-11. Now you have complete shapes. Chart B: edge Knit circle. Knit even rows. Cast on 100 stitches on both tops of scarf and 380 stitches on both sides and 2 stitches on every corner. Now you must have 968 stitches all together. Stitches 1-9 makes corner. Stitches 11-20 -> repeat 10 times on both tops and 38 times on both sides. Cast off loosely.
Scarf - blue maze