Doily with spiral

Size 55 cm Garn 100g if 100g=550 meters needles 2,5 mm To finish: Transfer all stitches onto a thread, letting the stitches in the 7 yarn over holes in the fan shapes drop, but catching the threads that appear. ( do one round of just moving the stitches from the left to the right hand needle without knitting them, looping the threads from the dropped yo's over the needle.) After doing this, proceed to crochet off the stitches: 1 double/single crochet in every stitch, except at the bottom of the curve between the fan shapes: 3 stitches together with 1 dc/sc. In the small holes do 5 dc/sc while at the same time enclosing the threads from the dropped knitting stitches in the dc/sc. Do the same in the larger hole at the top of the fan shape, exept here you do 7 dc/sc.
Doily with spiral