Beautiful oval doily

Size Double pointed needle 3,5 mm Yarn 54 gramms ( cotton yarn 100g = 332 meters) Cast on 8 stitches Chart A Rows 21-27: there are same motiv on the first and third needles and different motin on the second and fourth needles. At the end of row 27 there must be 44 stitches on the needles 1 and 3 and 24 stitches on the needles 2 and 4. Chart B This is end motiv of the doily. These must knit on needles 1 and 3. End pices knitted back and forth. All even rows are purled. Chart C At the end of the second end motiv, don't cut off yarn. Pick up 40 stitches on the left side and knit 12 more stitches from the centre on to the first needle. On second needle knit last 12 stitches and pick up 40 stitches. Noe you are on other top of the doily. Thrid needle pick up 40 stitches and knit 12, fourth needle knit 12 stitches and pick up last 40 stitches. Follow chart C
Beautiful oval doily