There are over 340 symbols in the initial version and new symbols are being added all the time.

Many stitches have several different symbols, giving you the choice to use the symbol you feel the most comfortable with.

Symbol and cell background colors are fully customizable.

Easily set color for the whole areas just by selecting the area and clicking the color button.

Each pattern can contain up to 20 charts and each chart can fit up to 999 x 999 symbols.

By splitting a pattern into separate charts you can use different knitting approaches for different pattern parts.

Integrated online user gallery allows you to easily share your patterns with other users. You can view and download any pattern in the gallery.

Uploading your own pattern to the gallery is no harder than clicking a button!

You can view the online gallery here.

To make chart editing experience as smooth as possible, Chartographer supports most commonly used editing features: click-and-draw, erase, select, cut, copy, paste, move, undo, redo, zoom etc.

Chartographer’s editor has full keyboard support for those, who prefer keyboard over mouse.

Fast rendering engine makes sure that even the biggest charts don’t stutter Chartographer.

Knitting direction can be specified separately for each chart in a single pattern, allowing you to create just the pattern you want.

You can also set the starting row for each chart, which is useful when you want to split a pattern into several charts.

Layout editor allows you to create professional looking knitting patterns for printing and exporting:

  • Select which objects are included in the final layout.
  • Resize any object.
  • Move objects by dragging them with your mouse.
  • Fine tune size and position with your arrow keys.

All margins and page breaks are automatically handled by Chartographer!

Export your patterns to PDF format or print them on any paper size your printer supports.

Preview patterns before printing with print preview.

Position of the tool windows is fully customizable. You can place every tool window anywhere on the screen, making them floated, docked or tabbed.

Symbols can be easily replaced with any other symbol.

If you find a pattern that uses symbols you are not used to, you can easily replace these symbols with the ones you are more comfortable with.

The amount of rows and columns can be easily modified on the fly.

Trim allows you to work more freely on your pattern by simply removing all empty space around your chart when you’re done.

You can flip any part of your chart horizontally or vertically. Chartographer correctly mirrors all the applicable symbols for you.